FLO Analytics provides innovative data solutions in the fields of spatial planning, environmental science, and natural resource management. Our consultants specialize in all aspects of data flow, from collection to organization and analysis, and ultimately to reporting and visualization. FLO’s clients belong to the public, private, and conservation sectors, as well as tribes.

Using industry-leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Relational Database Management Systems, environmental data visualization software and electronic field data collection devices, we assist our clients with:

    • Needs assessments and strategy development for implementing
      or fine-tuning your organization’s GIS program.
    • Locating a organization’s next business site or gaining insight into
      their customers through the use of location analytics.
    • Predicting land use trends, modeling land use scenarios
      and conducting site suitability analyses.
    • Conservation planning and analysis to identify priority
      locations for protection and restoration.
    • Developing and implementing asset management systems.
    • Employing environmental data collection, validation, and
      management solutions that are quantifiable and legally defensible.